Who is Behind?

Photographer from J J School of art Mumbai with experience of more than 18 years.

Photography terms are explained using everyday language. We talk to you through our photographs as though we were facing each other over tea sitting on the outside sipping it in a quite café. It’s more a friendly conversation than boring lecture.

What make our photographs different from so many others there is that we not only research each subject thoroughly, but we also try it first ourselves to see if – and how – it works, then refine, personalize and only when we feel happy with the results do we set pixels to screen.

We handle all kinds of photography events as many different environments, this makes us click. We understand everything to the core like lighting, still photography, portrait photography, landscape photography and everything in between.

When it comes to photography, we need the right texture of images amalgamated with pristine surrounding as and how the two mix with each other. We have the right mix of educated and experienced individuals who know the nuances of various photography, and will definitely make a difference in the end result.